Business is about engaging people and delivering the promise you say you are. It is not so much what your products or services are, rather it is about what they really represent in the mind of your customers and the impact the total mix of your company have upon them. At E-Journey, we engage you at the level of the technology, training and consultation, and partner you to identify and deliver that promise to your customers.


E-Journey has successfully helped various local SME businesses transformed their traditional websites to websites powered by WordPress.

Many have benefited from this transformation. You can too.

Our Clients include :

✓ The Nature Company Pte Ltd
✓ Maywell Lifestyles Pte Ltd
✓ Elite Advisory Services Pte Ltd
✓ Intervino Singapore
✓ Asian Lubricants Pte Ltd
✓ Ships Agency Services Pte Ltd
✓ Right Engineering Pte Ltd
✓ David Lee Services Pte Ltd
✓ Appario Pte Ltd and more

In our dealings with clients, we learned that most of them though considered having a website a must, did not update their web content regularly. Many feedback that it was tedious to add new information (texts or images) as it meant having to apply some forms of coding to do the job.  Others relied primarily on their web administrator, mostly a third party vendor, for the update. This meant additional cost involved in the process. Most of the times, due to cost considerations, update was scheduled to twice a year instead of as and when it was required. The consequence – the recency and accuracy of the information could not be achieved, which actually means lapses in communication.


Web Design Singapore. How to Create a Website

So, how can websites powered by WordPress address those problems highlighted above and help your company to save cost and ensure its web content is up-to-date?


  • WordPress is User Friendly. Put it simply – if you are familiar with word processing software, you are ready to use WordPress.


  • With WordPress, you will learn to edit content, post pages, add images or videos at ease. WordPress is by far, the easiest tool to learn how to maintain content on your website.


  • With its easy to use functions that requires no coding, you can create and update your web content anytime, anywhere without having to rely on 3rd party vendor and incur unnecessary cost.

E-Journey can help to transform your existing website to website powered by WordPress and train you to maintain it. > CONTACT US NOW!

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