“WordPress is simply a ‘Blog’ Software, what can it do for me?” Some say. You really think so?


If you were to Google around, you will be fascinated by many good reasons why WordPress has been gaining popularity, and why many traditional websites are migrating to WordPress.

WordPress started as a “blog” software and many have used it to blog on almost everything and anything under the sky and beyond. Perhaps this is the reason why most regard WordPress as a blogging software.

This website is powered by WordPress and so are the many web projects this company is working on are all powered by WordPress. Why is it so? Today, if you were to run a Google trend mapping on the popularity of web development software, you will be thrilled by how fast WordPress is gaining momentum and is still on the go. There must be good reasons for this upward trend, isn’t it?

The Power of WordPress

Comparison between WordPress and 2 other popular web design software since 2004 till the present (Updated : 16 May ’14)

Web Design Singapore. How to Create a Website

Web Design Singapore. How to Create a Website

The Power of WordPress

WordPress is so popular today because of the following reasons :

The Power of WordPress

1. WordPress Software is Free

You can simply install in your web server and use it straight away. You save money from buying expensive web design software and become worry that you mind not be able to use them later.

2. WordPress is User Friendly

Put it simply – if you are familiar with word processing software, you are ready to use WordPress.

3. WordPress works well with design theme templates

The growing popularity of WordPress has seen many theme authors creating thousands of exciting themes of various purposes and needs to suit web clients like you. No more waiting for your web designers to propose to you on your theme concepts, simply select the WordPress supported theme of your liking and you are ready to begin your site creation.

4. Design your Website at impressive speed with WordPress

With its easy to use functions that requires no coding, you can create your website with half the time your designer used to take using traditional coding method.

5. Update your web content anyway and everywhere with WordPress

WordPress sits on your web server and by simply login to your web server, you are set to work on your website even on the move.

6. Consistency in design with WordPress

WordPress eases your worry of inconsistency. The built-in layout capabilities allow you to add as many features as you want effortlessly and orderly that optimize viewers’ readability.

7. Growth Potential is huge using WordPress

With WordPress, you need not update navigation when you add pages. Links to new pages will be added automatically based on what ‘category’ or categories you assign your posts and pages to. This all happens in the admin area instead of manually editing javascript menus and complex PHP include files.

8. WordPress integrates with many plugins

With the addition of a few sets of software components called plugins, you are sure to add specific capabilities to evolve your site into a full service site (membership, property or ecommerce site and etc.).

9. WordPress is social networking friendly

WordPress automatically integrates your blog posts with social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitters and etc. instead of you having to go to each one to make a post that you’ve just added something new to your website.

10. WordPress engages current media to make your site more lively

WordPress allows you to add audio and video to pages and posts easily to enhance the liveliness and effectiveness of your website.

11. WordPress is ultimate in SEO Friendliness

The construction of WordPress blog code is such that it is without excessive HTML coding, consistent and streamlined, which Google finds it very inviting for indexing. In addition, with the right setup, you’re able to customize every page or post you make to give you the highest possible probability of getting your pages in high search results positions.

12. WordPress inspires you

With such an impressive creation of the 21st century, you will be blown away by how WordPress can impact the way you look at the e-world, be inspired and excel with it!

13. Search Engine Magnetism & WordPress’ blogging

As a result of your inspiration to post content more often, your frequency of contribution will attract Google robots and other search engines like magnets. The robots will search your entire site every day looking for new content and new pages and changes they can index. New pages get indexed in hours or even minutes when you commit to adding new content over time. Try that with a traditional Web site! You will learn to appreciate WordPress more with its capabilities that make blogging so fun, easy and effective for you.

14. Fast Learning Curve with WordPress

With WordPress, you will learn to edit content, post pages, add images or videos at ease. WordPress is by far, the easiest tool to learn how to maintain content on your Web site.

The Power of WordPress

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