How to register a domain and web hosting plan in 7 simple steps?

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To register for a hosting plan and a domain, you can visit any hosting vendors of your choice. In my case, I choose Vodien for their excellent customer support to host my websites.


Domain Name, Web Hosting Singapore


Step 1 :


For example, let say your choice is Vodien, all you have to do is to type its URL or click the link below to get to Vodien’s official website. and press the Enter key.

You will come to a screen as shown below. This is the official website of Vodien.


domain name and web hosting Singapore


Step 2 :


You can mouse over Hosting, then select : Web Hosting.


domain name and web hosting Singapore


Step 3 :


As a beginner, it is advisable to begin with the basic plan : webValue. webValue comes with 5GB disk space, 10 Emails and you can host up to 5 websites.


Click on the Buy Now button to purchase.

domain name and web hosting Singapore


Step 4 :


Click on the designated box to select your preferred payment plan. 12 month plan offers the best savings. Scroll down to complete the other entries. You can uncheck the rest of the Addons. For now, they are not necessary.


domain name and web hosting Singapore


Step 5 :


Next, check the Register a new domain. Enter your preferred domain name in the box provided. If your domain name is too general, it may have been taken up. You may need to try this selection a few times to ultimately get an available domain name. The choice of extension which is advised to have is .com though .net, .org and others are also available. If the domain of your choice is available, click on Continue Order.


NOTE : If you have selected or .sg, additional fields will appear to request you to enter your company registration details or personal identification detail respectively.

domain name and web hosting Singapore


Step 6 :


Enter the required particular details and complete the registration form. Once you are done, click on Continue Order to proceed.


domain name and web hosting Singapore


Step 7 :


Check through your order once again to ensure your choice of plan and domain are correct, enter your payment details and click on Pay and Activate to complete the domain and hosting registration. If you want Vodien to perform auto-renewal of your domain and hosting, keep the Auto product renewal box checked. Otherwise, you can uncheck it.


domain name and web hosting Singapore


Congratulations! You have successfully registered your domain and hosting.


Upon completion of the payment, you will receive emails from Vodien on your login ID and password. Keep these login credentials safe from unwanted/unauthorised access. You can now access to your Hosting Cpanel (Control Panel) to begin your website creation.



Domain Name, Web Hosting Singapore


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