How to install WordPress in 3 simple steps

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Step 1
To install WordPress, simply login to your server cpanel to get started.


How to create a wordpress website for free


For example, let say your server URL is, all you have to do is to type it followed by /cpanel. and press the Enter key.

You will come to a login screen which looked something like the screenshot shown below. This is the login screen to your hosting server Cpanel (Control Panel).


How to install wordpress


Enter the Login ID and Password and you will be directed to the Cpanel Dashboard (See picture below) to begin your WordPress installation. The Login ID and Password is given to you by Vodien when you registered a Domain and Hosting with them. Check the emails sent to you by Vodien.


How to install wordpress



Step 2

Scroll down to the panel : Software and select Softaculous App Installer to begin WordPress Installation.


How to install wordpress


When you click on the Softaculous Apps Installer, you will see this screen below, mouse over the WordPress icon and select ‘install now‘.


How to install wordpress



Step 3

Fill in the required fields to complete the installation process.

The next step is to select or enter the following values to complete the installation. Once the values have been entered, scroll down and hit the install button.


Choose Protocol : https//

Choose Domain : the domain name you have purchased

Site Name : You can enter any description but keep it simple

Site Decription : You can enter any description but keep it simple

Admin Username : Enter a login ID of your Choice

Admin Password : Enter a login Password of your Choice

Admin Email : Enter an email for correspondences



How to install wordpress


How to install wordpress


Once you have completed filling up the details, scroll down and click on ‘install’.

How to install wordpress


Congratulation! Once you see this page shown below, your WordPress installation is completed.


How to install wordpress


You can now open another tab, enter the URL of your website and you will be seeing your site as shown below. This means you have completed the WordPress installation and you can begin building your website.


How to install wordpress


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